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Partners for Soccer (P4S) is an international football agency and management company representing players, clubs and coaches throughout Europe.

P4S represents and manages players in various European leagues. Our head office is located in Vienna, Austria, which particularly enables us to act as a gateway for young talent of the central European region, such as the Austrian, Bosnian and Hercegovinian, Croatian and Serbian leagues.

Our diversified team of experts covers all aspects relevant and vital for a player, including commercial and contract negotiation, legal issues, day-to-day management (housing, etc), physical and mental training as well as career, post-career and financial planning. We are committed to act as a "one-stop-shop" for all our clients' needs.

In addition to the player management, P4S is assigned by football clubs to act on their behalf for player transfers and scouting. We cooperate with a top scouting team enabling us to identify and offer top talent for specific player positions required by our customers.

Our dedicated team, our established network of contacts and last but not least our enthusiasm for football are the factors to ensure the best level of service and guidance for our customers.